Monthly Archives: April 2023

4 strategies to help cope with indecision.

So we would like to introduce a simple strategy. That will help us cope with indecision and should make it easier to make decisions in your life. 1. Clearly state the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We may have many options to decide. Try to write

Guess your habits from your favorite cup of coffee.

Cappuccino, Espresso, Arabica, Robusta. Did you know that Favorite coffee that we drink each day can indicate your personal habits lifestyle. Let’s give it a try. What can your favorite cup of coffee say about you? Cappuccino. If you like cappuccino coffee It means that you are a warm, romantic

4 secrets to eating and not getting fat.

Today I will take you to read 4 tips to eat and not get fat. How to choose to eat to get complete nutrition and be full body for a long time. Don’t overdo it until you’re hungry. 1. Focus on High Fiber Foods Every meal you

What is Duck Syndrome?

Duck Syndrome is a term that uses the same definition as mentioned above in the world of social media. We always see everyone happy. Have a good life. But in reality, behind the scenes of life everyone is trying hard to keep yourself alive. Fighting all the way but not