Why are “personalized vitamins” necessary for the body?

Why are “personalized vitamins” necessary for the body?

Different lifestyles of each person As a result, the requirements for vitamins, minerals, and nutrients are different. Individual vitamins Therefore, it helps the body to receive vitamins that meet its needs appropriately. It also helps to balance the levels of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, helping to promote slowing down degeneration. Makes the body work normally.

If you don’t get enough vitamins and minerals, what will happen?

If you don’t get enough vitamins Our body may not show clear symptoms of illness to the point of needing to be hospitalized. But it comes in the form https://ufabet999.app of symptoms of irritability, fatigue, easy obesity, belly fat, rashes, constipation, and recurrent allergies. or even sexual dysfunction These symptoms often affect your lifestyle.

There are many factors that cause our body to lack vitamins, such as

1. Food consumed

Each day we may consume foods that contain too little nutrients such as vitamins. Especially in food that is cooked until charred. Or being heated for a long time will cause there to be less vitamins in the food. and does not contain antioxidants

2. The body needs more vitamins.

Health problems or various diseases are important factors that cause the body to lack vitamins. For example, people with diarrhea are able to absorb vitamins less. Including other factors such as excessive exercise. or pregnancy All of which result in the body’s need for more vitamins as well.

3. Eat certain foods that interfere with the absorption or destroy more vitamins.

Eating certain groups of foods regularly, such as freshwater fish, fermented fish, as well as tea, coffee, and alcohol can destroy vitamins. Especially the excretion of vitamin B1 from the body. This makes it easier to develop beriberi.

Why do we test each person for a specific vitamin or mineral?

Because each person’s body is different. Vitamin needs are therefore different. Therefore, commonly sold vitamins may not be adequate for the needs of everyone’s body. Therefore, personalized vitamins are another option for those who are health conscious.

  • Designed by expert doctors From the analysis of health examination results To obtain a list of types and quantities of vitamins Exactly what the body needs
  • It is a food grade vitamin with quality comparable to pharmaceutical production. (Pharmaceutical Grade) which has gone through the process of selecting raw materials, manufacturing, production control and quality control by pharmacists.

Steps in analyzing nutrients in the body

  • The doctor will inquire and evaluate daily living habits such as eating. General lifestyle Including health problems
  • Blood is drawn to analyze the levels of various nutrients and vitamins in the body in order to start changing daily living habits. Along with supplementing nutrients or vitamins that the body still lacks in appropriate amounts.
  • Follow up on symptoms and blood results periodically, every 3 – 6 months.