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Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense is a smart watch that helps you cope with stress.

Fitbit Sense is a smart watch that helps you cope with stress. This smart watch is considered one of the items that people love to have health. Because in addition to detecting movement Follow exercise Measure heart rate And assess the quality of sleep Now, smartwatches can also measure our

injury from exercise

Know your pain relief injury from exercise

The most common problems with injury from exercise. Because it does not warm the body Or not stretching To exercise that is not suitable for your own physical condition, such as boxing or running long distances. Because some bodies are not ready. But must use the body to strike hard This

Bad financial habits

Bad financial habits should never do if you want to saving

   Bad financial habits should never do if you want to saving. What are the financial goals that everyone has set? For anyone whose goals haven’t been reached yet Still can’t save money.  It’s because we have some habits that hold back. Causing us to not reach the

What you shouldn't do when applying perfume

How to get perfume full efficiency 100

Perfume is one of the things that helps us to be attractive. And more attractive. Just spray the perfume only. Yes, however, there are still people who do not use perfume properly. Causing the perfume to not smell as it should The smell does not last, or sometimes the smell


Reading faster for good memory.

About reading ,have you ever heard the sentence “The more you read the more books. This shows whether time management is good or not. Personally. We will get something new. Always caught from reading Makes it a goal to yourself that I have to read this book today. In addition, reading


Croffle, a new dessert from a combination of croissants and waffles.

Croffle is a new dessert from a combination of croissants and waffles.The croissant has become an immensely popular pastry over the past year. In addition to the normal appearance croissants. There is also one trend called “Croffle” , a new style of croffle that uses waffle baking. Which is coming very strong

Blood type

Eat by blood type : Group A & B

Group  A good vegetarian This Blood type is mainly with low stomach acid. Causing the digestive system is not good.  The immune system is bad. There is a risk of heart disease and cancer. Group A is therefore classified as a vegetarian. Blood type A should Eat fish 3-4

Dental floss, a non-neglectable oral care procedure.

Dental floss, a non-neglectable oral care procedure. Because just brushing your teeth may not be enough to clean your mouth. Because brushing can remove only 50% of food residues only. Using dental floss together with brushing. It can remove up to 86% of dirt and

Bad Habits

6 Bad Habits That Stop Our Lives

We all have some bad habits that can ruin our lives. If left without correction Let’s look back at a year earlier. We will see and feel the bad habits that hold us back. Although it’s never too late If you want to stop these habits And ready to open up to

take care of the house

5 self care to protect of your home against COVID-19

To against COVID-19 as we know it can be infected by secretions. Whether it’s a single sneezing or coughing, the virus spreads up to 3,000 points, even though many say, “the chance of contracting is 1%, but the chance of getting neurosis is 100%.” The risk is everywhere. It