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take care of the house

5 self care to protect of your home against COVID-19

To against COVID-19 as we know it can be infected by secretions. Whether it’s a single sneezing or coughing, the virus spreads up to 3,000 points, even though many say, “the chance of contracting is 1%, but the chance of getting neurosis is 100%.” The risk is everywhere. It


Tips for washing jeans clean for jeans lover.

For jeans lover that jeans are an essential item for a man so we share tips for washing jeans. It has the advantages of being easy to put on, durable and not out of date, but what every Jeans lover knows is that. We are not popular

Insight into what is cold brew coffee!

Insight into what is cold brew coffee!

Insight into what is cold brew coffee and how to start drinking for beginners During the coffee trend is becoming very popular. And more importantly, Specialty coffee shops are turning their attention to Cold Brew coffee. Which the drinkers may still wonder what the truth is Cold Brew . Today

plain water

What happen if you don’t drink any sweet other than water

Many sweetness drinks available in the market now aday. it may harmful to your health and know that ” plain water ” is a drink that benefits our body.  Lets see benefit of water. 1. plain water help lose your weight quickly: Drinking water alone