You looked for the Eilat restaurant? You are in the right place.
5th Avenue is the most famous restaurant in South of Israel.
Wide choise of dishes will satisfy most refined visitors.
All our dishes are Kosher (meat cuisine).

Book table: 077-9973716


Focaccia Tomato cream, seasoned olives, and eggplant cream date honey. 24 NIS

Capressa Eggplant, tomato confit, pesto cream, pine nuts, basil and olive oil. 48 NIS

Caesar salad Romaine lettuce, peanut vinaigrette. 48 NIS

Chopped salad Olive oil, lemon, Tahini and pita bread on the stove. 39 NIS

Lahmacun roll Tahini arissa and homemade pickles. 44 NIS

Empanadas Spondra and truffle, gaspacho dip and homemade pickles. 38 NIS

Beef fillet carpaccio Mustard, fresh tomato cream, olive oil and market salad. 54 NIS

Milfi chopped liver Berry jam celery cream vanilla cream and nuts. 79 NIS

Salmon tartar Ponzo, Japanese radish, chili, green tartar, Pani Puri, guacamole, yuzu cream and Chinese pecan. 56 NIS

Fish & Chips Sea Mearge, hreimeh dip, crispy potato with lemon and fresh hyssop. 48 NIS

Risotto mushroom ragu Corn cream, macadamia crumble and tomato confit. 68 NIS

Tortellini veal chick Goose liver cubes, teriyaki, celery cream and candied cashews. 98 NIS

European seabass fillet Jerusalem artichoke cream, garlic confit, tasos olives and sun dried tomatoes. 118 NIS

Chicken pullet Tomato confit, arissa, yuzu, garlic and potato cream. 78 NIS

Classic hamburger Crispy potatoes and homemade pickles. 76 NIS

Upgraded Burger 250 g of entrecote burger, goose liver, smoked goose breast and Merlot stock on Kesten bread. 108 NIS

Beef fillet Roasted garlic and truffle puree. 126 NIS

Steak on a bone 400/500 "Candy" garlic and crispy potatoes. 135/162 NIS

Chocolates Chocolates textures. 54 NIS

Burle Sami Freddo Milfi, carameliyesbanana taffy and passion fruit. 48 NIS

Sabrina Melby cream, coconut ice cream and meringue kisses. 48 NIS