Arrived in Thailand! The new Burger King restaurant First branch in Asia

The new Burger King restaurant First branch in Asia. Following the news of the first Burger King rebranding in 20 years, Asia’s first all-new Burger King is ready to open at the ufabet Westgate branch. Shop decoration with cartoon stripes and colors, new concept. From the traditional comfort look to a more modern look with a minimalist design. This modification can be called a complete makeover. Including shop designs, logos, furniture, staff sets, menu plates, drinking glasses, as well as various packaging And this new branch comes with Drive-True service Serve without getting off the bus as well.

From the simple look, the original comfort, Burger King uses different colors. Let’s make the shop more fun and bright. The color palette was chosen as the color of the burgers. Whole orange from the bread Red tomato Greens from vegetables Yellow from cheese And sorrel from meat Including the Flame Grilling Since 1954 neon signs that look fun with colors. But it still has a typical Burger King retro vibe, including the green lantern.

New Burger King with new menu to welcome the upcoming season of love in February

Burger King also has a new menu to welcome the upcoming season of love in February, the Black and Pink Burger, which includes the Black Double Grill Onion Burger (149 baht) . Two large pieces of aromatic roast beef with special sauce and Pink Salmon Burger (89 baht) , a sweet pink burger. Big salmon pieces dipped in breadcrumbs, crispy on the outside and topped with thick cheese and seafood cocktail sauce. Into salmon

Burger King

Open: Open daily from 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Address: Shell Westgate Gas Station 25/50 Moo 11 Bang Yai, Nonthaburi

Budget: 80-200 baht 

Contact: 1112