Check out 10 popular home activities during COVID-19.

     During the time we have to find good activities at home for a long time. Due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus , many people are stressed and tired of depressing lives. 

1. Practice cooking

     During the long time at home like this Some people discover new skills of themselves that they never knew in life that we could do. That is the cooking itself. Because we spend less time outside the home Therefore rarely had the opportunity to eat out More importantly, food is considered as a factor of 4 that we are indispensable in each day. So we had to cook our own meals at home instead. And when I try to do it more often We have an enduring appeal without knowing it anyway.

2. Home-made drip coffee

     In addition to cooking Another skill that many people find themselves in is dripping coffee. Drifting coffee is an art that we have to be very careful in doing. Including aesthetics as well And when we have a long time at home No need to rush to go anywhere. Therefore having time to drip coffee and drink it Get a better taste and feel than drinking instant coffee that has it all.

3. decorating the house

     Of course, staying at home for a long time In this way, we have to change from focusing on the outside of the home to in our home instead. And what will make our house more pleasant is the new decoration to get a good atmosphere. Therefore, during this detention period, you have to order items online to decorate your house to make it look nice. Say that happiness starts easily in our home. If our home is nice It will make us not want to go anywhere anyway.

4. planting trees

     Of course, the most popular activity that isn’t mentioned at all is planting trees. Planting trees is an activity that we do not boring. Also enjoy And makes mental health worse too At the same time, it makes our home shady and inviting. Which some trees can purify the air again It can be said that planting trees is an activity that is only possible with it anyway.

7. Watching movies online

     Watching movies is another activity that makes staying at home not boring. For anyone who is depressed and wants to travel so much Watching movies can help you fill this urge. Because watching a movie will make us like to experience the atmosphere in a real movie We have a common sense of character and place. Until it makes us feel as though we have actually traveled there Therefore, anyone who is very bored must find a fun movie to watch.