How to use perfume for men

Where to apply the scent that spreads well and longer

Tricks for using perfume for men Have you ever heard that the method of applying perfume must be applied at the pulse point. Because it will make the smell last long Every person’s pulse points are the same, but the male and female perfume spraying points are slightly different. Because each point’s temperature is a little different. Especially at high temperature points Will cause the heat from the blood circulation combined with the rhythm of the pulse stimulate the perfume to diffuse the smell better Let’s see where are the points where men should wear perfume.

High temperature point Suitable for most perfume spraying

Jaw , neck, shoulder

3 This is where men should wear perfume. Because it is a high temperature point Which pores will open Causing the perfume to penetrate into the skin and the scent will last as well Usually the scent usually floats up. Spraying perfume in this area is the point that diffuses the fragrance best. And don’t need to inject a lot to waste at all.

Small tip : spray it after showering Even if you take a warm bath, the perfume will absorb more easily into your skin. (Dry yourself first)

he warm spots are still scented well.

Chest , wrist

Bust is another point that is suitable for applying perfume as well. Because it is a hot spot Also close to the heart as well Heart beats Any girl who accidentally came and told me this… It’s dead! The wrist is another point that most people use perfume as well. Which many people like to rub their wrists in the injection This is not recommended as this will distort the smell of the perfume.

Point at the middle temperature enough to inject

Crook , upper arm

The folds and torso are places where the central temperature is slightly warm. Sprayed and the smell still lasts The more when you move your arm, the better the heat will dissipate the smell.

And this is a method of applying perfume that young men cannot miss. This is not enough We also have some great tricks that will help your perfume last longer. Add charm to make you all confident. Whether going on a date or working.

Extra trick .. for better smell

– Skin that is moisturized with the scent will last longer. Therefore, it is best to apply a moisturizer that does not smell or smell as little as possible so that the smells do not hit. May be applied Vaseline. Because it will retain the fragrance for longer.

– Moderate spray, do not let anyone say that “Have you showered with perfume?” Pressing a lot of perfume won’t make the scent last longer. Plus, wasting perfume, just spray it on the indicated points 3-4 times is enough.

– The appropriate distance to spray perfume should be 4-6 inches from the spraying point.

– Do not spray on clothes The scent might be a hit with fabric softener and evaporate.

– There is no need to apply perfume repeatedly during the day for fear that the smell will disappear. Maybe our noses are getting used to the smell.