Making a decision to move careers at the age of 30

Making a decision to move careers at the age of 30. If the work comes to a point One then felt stumped with the work that he was doing until he wanted to move his line of work to work in other fields. or a job that you once dreamed of It might not be a problem if we’re just starting out. Or still in the age of about 25 years, but if the age is approaching the number 3 or age 30 years or more when Of course, there must be a lot of things for us to think about and have to make careful decisions because of moving across the line of work at this age. It means security and future risks, so GL brings you 5 things to think about. If you decide to move careers in the age of 30, let’s leave each other

Change job-move job-age 30

Making a decision to move careers at the age of 30


The line of work that we want to change to do has a good return or income. And how much can we negotiate for the salary in case we have little or no experience working in that line before? This is not much of a concern. Because I believe that many people would not like to reduce their salary for sure.

2. Future stability

The important thing to keep in mind is the future. What will the work that we want to change to do in the next 5 years or 10 years? how stable Is there an opportunity to grow more than it is? If we don’t make good decisions, perhaps in the future we may become unemployed. And falling at an older age hurts more than falling at a young age.

3. Do you really want to do it?

For anyone who wants to move out of the old place or the old line because of boredom and burnout. So I want to try to find something new to do. I want you to think carefully whether the job that we want to move to do is really we want to do it or not. Not just thinking, but asking to change jobs first. But when I can’t do that much, I feel like it’s not. In the end, it will come back to being bored and exhausted anyway.

4. How is it suitable for our lifestyle?

The balance of life and work in each line of work is different. Some jobs are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. have time for family While some jobs have to be done on holidays and switched off on other days they work. Including the matter of attending work in shifts and attending working according to office hours. This requires a lot of thought as it directly affects the way we live our lives

5. What are your expectations?

What are our expectations for this line of work transfer? Hope to gain new knowledge and experience Get more connections or get a challenge did what he loved In order to have a clear goal and to follow that goal without distraction.