The signs you’re running toxic in your work.

Toxic in your work ? What kind of work have you been consuming and depressed since you entered the working age? Maybe you have a bad boss. Or work under a relatively toxic environment, however these will adversely affect you in the long run. It negatively affects your mental and physical health as well as affects your personal life. And the relationships of other colleagues as well

So if you’re wondering if your workplace has this kind of toxic environment? 

Toxic in your work

1. People tend to talk “That’s not my job”.

In some offices being surrounded by people who think “This is not my job” is a sign of a toxic environment because it is inherently selfish. It is estimated that they are only interested in their duties. And want to get it done without paying attention to anything else. This kind of perspective doesn’t just undermine individual relationships. It is also a demoralization. 

2. Lack of diversity within the organization.

Because diversity is an essential part of a healthy work environment. Organizations may want to view the world in a way that goes forward, so limiting the number of employees to just one type of person. May result in the organization not growing

Take a look around who is the leader in the company. Who will promote and who gets the award most often? If people of the same type move forward while others was left behind. That means You may be working in a toxic environment, simple prejudice is impending. As a result, working here is no longer happy.

3. Comments are not allowed.

Company growth Sometimes it base on openness to criticism. And expresses the well-being of the organization Including listening to employees’ concerns and ideas. Which if the boss or the management has blocked them from talking, It means you may be working in the midst of toxicity.

4. Focus on quantity over quality.

A good leader knows true success is not always measurable. Sometimes something that is more meaningful than numbers or quantities. It may be just job satisfaction ,team work and progressive growth. Because the numbers cannot tell everything. The actual measurement should be more focused on creating meaning. Especially working together to play a part in helping improve people’s lives.

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