Martial ignores Saudi Arabia and asks to stay in European leagues.

Anthony Martial, French striker will reject an offer from Saudi Arabia. Whether it is the January trading market or the summer football market.

Offside reports that Martial still wishes to continue playing in Europe. And has no interest in making money in the Saudi Arabian league. Even if the contract with Manchester United expires after this season ends.

News reports indicate that Martial’s intention remains to continue playing football in European leagues. Whether it’s the Premier League or other leagues in the summer of this year. This is despite a huge offer from a famous Saudi Arabian Professional League club. ทางเข้า UFABET That could sign him on a free transfer and is ready to offer money for free meals.

Sky Sports previously reported that Martial wants to stay with Manchester United for the second half of the 2023-24 season or until the end of his current contract. Because you will be able to determine your own future after June 30.

Manchester United have already decided not to use the contract extension clause for another 12 months, or until June 2025, because they want to sell out during the January window. But the situation may not be as expected.

This season, Martial has played 19 games in all competitions. Starting 7 games, scoring only 2 goals and 1 goal in the Premier League. From starting 5 games and coming on as a substitute for another 8 games.