Premier League asks Nottingham Forest and Everton for breach of financial rules.

Nottingham Forest and Everton have charged by the Premier League for breaching financial regulations last Monday. Previously, the English media reported that. The Premier League committee was about to issue a statement to the Forest and Blue Toffees. In the case of financial violations. After the team discover irregularities in the accounting report.

Last Monday, the Premier League issued a statement and charge Forest and Everton with breaking financial rules regarding profit figures. And the case of the club’s financial sustainability numbers ทางเข้า UFABET 

The Premier League is still giving the two clubs a chance to defend the charges. But both must submit financial assessments to the league for reconsideration.

It is considered a new problem for Everton because before The Blue Toffees were deducted 10 points. Causing fans to be extremely dissatisfied. But the Premier League confirm that everything was in accordance with the rules laid down.

Nottingham Forest is preparing to submit all evidence to the Premier League for consideration. Ready to express confidence that this story will be pass.

Both teams are likely to have points deducted. If the evidence submitted is not good enough or disproves the doubt.

Everton issued a statement on the matter, saying the club must once again protect itself from this matter. Which had previously been punished. But before there was an appeal. The club would like to consider the information carefully again.

Forest issued a statement saying: The club has been made aware of the allegations. And will cooperate with the Premier League in managing this matter to a conclusion as soon as possible.