5 self care to protect of your home against COVID-19

To against COVID-19 as we know it can be infected by secretions. Whether it’s a single sneezing or coughing, the virus spreads up to 3,000 points, even though many say, “the chance of contracting is 1%, but the chance of getting neurosis is 100%.” The risk is everywhere. It would not be strange to have only all people who were suspicious, even “home” had the opportunity to come in contact with germs at any time. Today we have a way to take care of the house. How to take care of getting away from COVID-19 to keep your house clean Virus-free.

How to take care of the house 

1. Where is the risk point? Completely sterilize

For against COVID-19, it has been found that if it settles on the surface of any object, it can last for hours. Or it could be a day. We therefore need to clean and take care of the house regularly. Especially at the risk that we often catch or the common areas of people in the shared house What will be and How to take care of this house ?

  • Surfaces such as doorknobs, faucets, handrails, light switches, remote controls : metal surfaces Should be wiped with alcohol at a concentration of 70% and let it dry. * Do not use bleach Due to the activity of corrosive metals Other surface Should be cleaned every day Wipe with 70% alcohol or Dettol (blue crown-free all-purpose disinfectant).
  • Nearby objects frequently held, such as mobile phones, computers, headphones, wallets : always clean every time you handle them. Use an alcohol concentration greater than 70% to wipe and then wipe with a dry cloth.
  • Kitchen utensils such as dishes, knives, cutlery : recommend washing with hot water and dishwashing detergent. But if someone’s home uses a dishwasher Can be used normally Because the dishwasher uses hot water and is already baking with heat
  • Furniture, beds, tables, chairs, sofas : This accumulation of germs can be cleaned by wiping with a cloth dampened in warm water or wiping it with a bleach (3 – 6% sodium hypochlorite) mixed with 1 part solution : 49 parts water. For example, Haiter 1 bottle cap (about 10 cc. Mix half liter of water)

2. Clean the costumes against COVID-19

For clothes Clothing, too, is also at risk of COVID-19 exposure if in condo residences, dormitories, and shared washing machines. You may have to be careful. If possible, want to wash separately Personally is better

  • Clothes, bed linen, pillowcases, towels : For using the washing machine. Recommend setting to hot water. And must be dried or dried completely But be careful not to shake the clothes before washing. 

3. Use the bathroom safely without germs to against COVID-19

It is an area that we have to use on a daily basis. Even if the house is shared with the bathroom, it is even more important to take care of it because when we urinate or defecate. With the results of research showing that if we are infected Some of the fluids coming from your body will also be infected with the virus, so the toilet lid should be closed before every push. Prevent the mist spreading

 4. Make the house airy and clear to against COVID-19

Research from the WHO has said that the virus is Does not like ventilated areas and sunlight, hot places. (Because the virus is wrapped in fat When exposed to the hot sun, it will cause death faster than low temperature). Try opening the window Get the sun for 2-3 hours, do not open until you forget to close. Because however, we still have to be careful about the cost of dust as well.

 5. Clean the filter. Dust collector

They are filters, mosquito nets, blinds that trap dust into the house. This is another common source of COVID-19 pathogens too. Don’t forget to clean up. By removing it and washing it with water first in the first round Then wash the soap and use a brush to scrub the dust off. Dry in the sun But if any house is a blind Use Dettol all-purpose disinfectant (no blue crown) wipe one side at a time.