Adjust life habits for being young

Adjust life habits

Adjust life habits for being young.Getting enough rest It is important to make the body slow down aging as well. Especially falling asleep before 11:00 pm. Because research has found that Growth hormone will be produced and secreted most during our sleep is between 23.00 – 7.00 hrs. In addition, you should not eat late-night meals. Including alcoholic beverages. Because it will make various systems In the draft does not work well. It also affects the antioxidants as well.

Adjust life habits for being young

Adjust eating habits

Food we eat The body absorbs nutrients for use in repairing various parts of the body, thus eating a healthy diet is moderately healthy. Will help keep our body healthy Your skin is always bright. By choosing to eat fruits and vegetables in every meal Including reducing starch and sugar Because sugar is the culprit in accelerating the deterioration process of the body Destroys collagen and protein fibers on the skin, causing wrinkles and dark spots. Thus making us age faster

Exercise regularly

Many people understand that heavy exercise Will help keep the body healthy Slow down aging well. But actually The right exercise is one that is appropriate for your physical condition, such as brisk walking, swimming, and even dancing, are also exercises. By exercising, in addition to helping keep the body strong. It also affects our skin to be bright and radiant because of the blood that nourishes the body and the skin. It can bring oxygen and nutrients to nourish cells well, and the body also secretes happy hormones. Reduce stress, both physical and mental, help slow down aging, prevent wrinkles from aging as well.

Keep your mood clear

Happiness can come only when our minds are as happy as self-esteem. Optimism And always having hope Will help us to be happy mentally Far away from worry Next is to calm the mind. With meditation Which helps manage stress Causing brain waves to not be entangled It also secretes endorphins, helping us to be happy. Refreshing body

Take care of your skin to be healthy and bright

Sometimes taking care of yourself from the inside alone may not be enough or the results are too slow to make our skin healthy and bright as before. So the best way to rejuvenate and to focus on it is supplemented with creams and beauty medicine. 

Such as treatment to push vitamins into the skin layer Laser treatment that can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the deep layers of the skin. Including injecting various fillers To help solve skin problems in problem areas to return to tighten again