Bad financial habits should never do if you want to saving

   Bad financial habits should never do if you want to saving. What are the financial goals that everyone has set? For anyone whose goals haven’t been reached yet Still can’t save money.  It’s because we have some habits that hold back. Causing us to not reach the financial goals that we set Today we try to explore ourselves better. Whether we have these 8 habits or not Habits that keep us from getting rich. Which if anyone has this habit You have to change yourself urgently. 

1. No savings plan.

     Saving money for good efficiency requires planning. Will only hope to use the remaining salary and then deposit the bank Like this, few percent of people do it. Most of them will use up some, or very little left until the savings do not increase. The deduction received from the beginning is savings. How much is left to spend Will help us have more money to save

2. Income and Expense Accounts

     Accounting for income and expenditures Will allow us to know that we have spent money on what Because if we don’t do it, we may spend money for fun We can take notes through the application. There are many apps to choose from and it’s not difficult to do. 

3. Don’t think before you buy.

     Sometimes you see a price reduction or write 0% installment plan, then immediately buy it first. Even though it was not necessary to use To buy because it is cheap. Or buy because of 0% whatever, but must remember that the day we use the card That means that we have incurred debt in the future. No matter how many months it has to be paid for So before we buy You must think you buy it because you really need it. Or because of the desire Or is it really cheap to buy? 

4. Bad financial credit

     Or is to make yourself lose credit Whether it is a loan and not used back Or not paying for credit cards or any other cards This way we can be people with bad credit. If in the future when we do financial transactions with various financial institutions It will be difficult. Because we are people without credit and have a poor financial history.

5. No emergency savings.

     Emergency savings will help when our life is in a crisis or if there is a sudden need for money. Which emergency savings should be at least 6 times the regular expenditures that we use every month if anyone has not yet Had to hurry to collect this sum of money in the first place 

6. Do not invest

     If someone has an emergency savings The next lump sum that we should have is money for investing. Because the bank deposit Or saving money in a savings account only The interest earned is relatively low. This does not include annual inflation. Try to study various investment information. And begin to invest in what they are good at It will help us to have more income in. 

7. No money to retire.

     Some people think it’s still a long time There are still many years You don’t have to rush to save money for retirement. I must say that this is a wrong idea. This money is a very important part. Because otherwise we will have to keep working Old and still can’t stop doing Because you have to work to earn money Since there is no saving money Preparing to save money after retirement, you need to quickly plan from now on. 

8. No health insurance

     Having said that, if anyone who doesn’t have it, they may have missed it. Not having health insurance is like taking the money you earn for your whole life. Brought only for medical treatment Which in this day, medical expenses are quite expensive Let’s set aside some money to buy health insurance. At least in exchange for comfort in the cost of treatment. Because we don’t know what will happen in the future. 

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