Benefits of black beans.

Benefits of black beans We would like to show the nutritional value of black beans in the amount of 100 grams. Referring to the information from the Nutrition Division, Department of Health, as follows.

1. Balancing the gastrointestinal tract and blood sugar

          From seeing that are a good source of protein, dietary fiber and various minerals. Black beans therefore have properties. That help balance the digestive system to work well. And also helps to balance blood sugar levels. Do not increase or decrease rapidly as well UFABET

2. Prevent ovarian cancer

        With the properties that help maintain spleen health. drive moisture in the body maintain central power. This will help the system of the body. Especially the immune system works at full capacity. It is a defense against malignant cells in one way.

        It also has properties that help adjust hormones in the body. Black beans therefore help reduce the risk of ovarian cancer. Caused by hormonal abnormalities in the body itself.

3. Prevent colon cancer.

          In addition to black beans are anti-ovarian cancer foods. There are also properties that help fight other types of cancer as well, because in the black bean shell is a source of flavonoid compounds. which is a type of antioxidant The research found that There are up to 8 types of flavonoids found in black bean shells, thus helping to protect cells in the body from mutating into malignant cells.

          There is also a study from Michigan State University where rats fed black beans and found that. The risk of colon cancer was reduced by 44-75% in lab rats, depending on the amount they ate. They also found that rats who ate consistently had a lower amount of body fat. Especially the amount of fat in the distal colon.