Causes of heart disease in young people

Causes of heart disease in young people.Heart disease has many avoid factors. But younger people are more prone to congenital heart disease. Or caused by lifestyle habits, the most common is smoking, some people aged 30-35 years old already have heart disease. Or even someone who is physically fit Being an athlete is at risk of developing an abnormally thick heart muscle. In particular, professional athletes or those who are physically heavy, should check their heart health every time to see if they can play sports or do extreme activities.

Causes of heart disease in young people

Heart disease symptoms Causes of heart disease in young people

  • Easily tired Initially, I was able to observe myself from the same behavior that I used to do. For example, when I was able to comfortably climb a few floors of stairs, now I am tired of just one floor. If your body starts abnormal, recommend hurry to check urgently. Because in addition to heart disease, there are also other diseases that have similar symptoms as well.
  • Angina Especially when exertion is often pain in the left chest area, suffocation, uncomfortable, like a heavy object on the chest. Indicates that it may be a sign of ischemic heart muscle
  • Fainting, syncope due to an irregular heartbeat. Which will make a correct diagnosis only after having been examined at the hospital

Is it possible to exercise heart disease or not?

Heart disease patients can exercise. And should exercise regularly, at least 3-4 days per week, 30-45 minutes per time, can exercise or any kind of activity. Its depending on the physical condition. Such as running, swimming, badminton, etc., but should not overdo it. Those who excluded from exercise were patients with end-stage heart disease such as congestive heart failure.