Croffle, a new dessert from a combination of croissants and waffles.

Croffle is a new dessert from a combination of croissants and waffles.The croissant has become an immensely popular pastry over the past year. In addition to the normal appearance croissants. There is also one trend called “Croffle” , a new style of croffle that uses waffle baking. Which is coming very strong as well.

What is a croffle?

The name has a very simple origin: just add the word Croissant and the Waffle. Because it comes from baking the finished croissant in a waffle maker instead of baking it in a bakery oven. General Gives us a new kind of dessert that has a soft, juicy, buttery texture, but has a waffle-like honeycomb appearance.

Where the croffle come from?

We may hear that this kind of dessert is a very popular food in Korea that any cafe has to have it. And to the point where Artists, celebrities, and Korean singers also tried making this dish on social media.

But when we searched that starting point, the croffle was first introduced in 2017 by Irish baker Louise Lennox. For 4-5 minutes. The heat from the waffle oven makes the puff pastry crunchier and more firm than baking in a conventional oven. Since then, the Croffle has become one of the must-have dishes in almost any cafe in the Western world.

However, It still retains its signature croissant. Can be eaten both savory and sweet. You can eat it with ham or with syrup, both are delicious.

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