Fitbit Sense is a smart watch that helps you cope with stress.

Fitbit Sense is a smart watch that helps you cope with stress. This smart watch is considered one of the items that people love to have health. Because in addition to detecting movement Follow exercise Measure heart rate And assess the quality of sleep Now, smartwatches can also measure our stress levels. 

Fitbit Sense is the latest flagship smartwatch that the brand intends to meet the Future of Fit needs, and with this model being the brand’s top figure. It comes with many innovations such as , ufabet ,ECG, EDA and voice commands. The brand says the Fitbit Sense is the world’s first smartwatch that can manage our stress on the watch.

The stress check can be performed by using EDA (Electrodermal Activity)

That allows us to place the palm on the dial. To check your stress level. Where the lowest score means less stress .The more it shows that you are unaware of stress. In the event that someone is really stressed, Fitbit Sense has tips on how to manage stress with breathing exercises and different meditation tools. To reduce our stress. This is a selling point that sets the Fitbit Sense apart from others. In a market that has not yet raised this issue before .

In addition, the device has a skin temperature sensor. To measure changes while sleeping And measure the respiratory rate Oxygen saturation and red blood cell or SpO2 sensor that displays the oxygen level in the bloodstream while sleeping. Includes PurePulse 2.0 technology to accurately measure 24-hour heart rate and will immediately alert you if your heart beats irregularly. 
The built-in GPS allows us to exercise anywhere, whether cycling, running or swimming (50 meters waterproof) without having to carry a mobile phone. Before returning to read the values Yes, through the Fitbit app and, of course, a mic and speaker. That allows us to use voice commands with the Fitbit Sense via Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, similar to Siri. Where we can answer and talk to an incoming call via the smartwatch. Without talking on the phone