Get to know “Allergy Vaccine”

Get to know “Allergy Vaccine” For people who are already allergic Having an allergy vaccine is good news. Because the vaccine will help reduce the symptoms that you have Causing you to not have to take medicine forever. And have the opportunity to be completely cured as well. Anyone interested in this vaccine, but still hesitant? 

Get to know "Allergy Vaccine"

What is an allergy vaccine?

Allergy vaccine is the use of extracts from allergic allergens back into the body gradually. in order to allow the body to regenerate the immune system to allergy. But the allergy vaccine is not the same as the vaccines we get in childhood. Because the vaccine injected in childhood Injections to build immunity and prevent disease, such as influenza vaccine. The vaccine against tetanus, whooping cough, diphtheria, and the allergy vaccine are not given to prevent disease. But injected to treat allergies.

Who is the allergy vaccine suitable for?

Allergic vaccines are suitable for allergic rhinoconjunctivitis , Allergic asthma, Atopic Dermatitis who used many medications and did not improve. Do not want to take or have any side effects from medication.

How many treatments are there for the allergy vaccine? 

There are two forms of vaccination: subcutaneous injection and sublingual , with the specific cause of the allergic reaction in each patient before. With SPT or Blood Test for Specific IgE to consider treatment options Use extracts from allergens exactly the cause. After that choose a method. The treatment model that is suitable for the patient. Considering the cause of allergy, age range and suitability. Such as sublingual type, can be used in patients allergic to dust mites over 12 years of age due to the need for a lot of cooperation.

For the subcutaneous vaccine, the first (Induction Phase) is injected 1 time / week. At least and gradually increase the dose of the vaccine gradually. Until reaching the highest level that the patient can accept May take a period of 2-3 months. depending on the next phase (Maintenance Phase) inject more than once a month to stimulate new landscape continuously. And can use continuously for 3-5 years for best performance

Allergy Vaccine Benefits

  • It is the right treatment. Solve at the disease mechanisms directly
  • Patients who respond to vaccines and have regular injections. Will help improve allergy symptoms
  • Reduce medication, use drugs
  • May help prevent allergic rhinitis patients Not to continue the disease, asthma
  • May prevent further allergy to new substances in the future