How to choose and use vegetable oil safely

How to choose and use vegetable oil safely. Because it is an important ingredient in many types of cooking. Therefore, it is important to study how to properly cook and consume it to reduce the risk of health problems as follows:

1. Choose to consume unsaturated fats. Limit your intake of saturated fats. and avoid trans fats

2. Limit the amount of fat and oil in your daily diet. By choosing to cook it by boiling, steaming, stewing or grilling instead.

3. Always read product labels, especially the type, quantity and energy of fat.

4. Avoid buying and eating food that has been reused in frying oil. It can be observed from the oil that has a rancid smell, is dark black, has a lot of foam, is sticky, has a burnt smell, and smoke rises during frying. and the food will become greasy 

5. Choose the type of vegetable oil that is suitable for cooking. Because each type of oil has different boiling points and properties, such as frying food that is heavily oiled should use palm olein. Cooking that requires high heat for a long time should be used. coconut oil or palm olein The fried menu should use soybean oil. sunflower oil Safflower oil, rice bran oil, olive oil and sesame oil 

6. Eat the right amount of omega-6 fatty acids. This is because too much omega-6 fatty acids can lead to unbalanced levels of omega-6 and omega-3, which can result in chronic inflammation and increase your risk of disease. The risk factor for the imbalance may be that omega-6s are found in most foods, but omega-3s are  found only in certain foods. therefore risking imbalance.