How to get perfume full efficiency 100

Perfume is one of the things that helps us to be attractive. And more attractive. Just spray the perfume only. Yes, however, there are still people who do not use perfume properly. Causing the perfume to not smell as it should The smell does not last, or sometimes the smell is distorted from the original. Today we are going to tell you 5 mistakes that many. Man made with perfume And make our perfume not the best performance.

What you shouldn’t do when applying perfume

1. Do not use perfume deodorant.

     The first mistake and one that shouldn’t be done. Is to use perfume to deodorize What is important in the perfume that is long-lasting and smells just right. Is to prepare the body cleanliness It’s not like spraying perfume in hopes of drowning out the scent that you haven’t showered in. It is true that it is reputed to be a perfume. But it is not made to be used in order to deodorize our body that we have dirty bodies. Fragrance does not cover the smell. Instead, spraying perfume while the body is still dirty. May make it smell more bad than before. 

What you shouldn't do when applying perfume

2. Do not use too much or too little perfume.

     The perfume is very less. Usually depends mainly on the opportunity and our situation, for example, if we use perfume to go to work. It is not a matter for us to spray 8 to 9 sprays at a time because that will become a mobile perfume dispenser. The smell is too pungent that it bothers colleagues. Anyone close to it will be able to get dizzy. On the other hand, if we have an appointment for a night out with friends. The thin perfume spray only 2-3 sprays may be too little. And make people around us or even we ourselves can not smell the perfume that has been injected

3. Spray and rub

     Apply perfume on the wrist promptly. Then rubbed the other wrist at once Anyone who is doing this must stop. Usually a perfume has three parts: Top notes, or the first one after we spray it. Middle notes or Heart notes are the middle notes. And finally, the Base notes. Some of the fragrances that the Top notes are woody or aromatic, may not be very effective if we wear the perfume and rub. But if it’s a floral perfume The scent you get after rubbing will change immediately, and some notes will disappear if you want the scent to be diffused. Then injected according to the pulse in the body will help you. 

4. Clothes perfume

     In some fragrances that contain oil. That we inject clothes Especially light colored clothes There is a very high chance that perfume will leave stains on our clothes. And as we all know Whenever our clothes are stained, we will immediately look dirty. If possible, spray the perfume on your skin after you shower. Then apply lotion or moisturizer to prepare the skin first. It will help the perfume last longer.

5. There is only one perfume.

     It’s not quite wrong if we only have one perfume, but that perfume often smells different for us to use on different occasions. Perfume is similar to the clothes that we cannot wear one clothes to over there. Trying to switch and change the smell Will help us to fit into different places or occasions get better.

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