Insight into what is cold brew coffee!

Insight into what is cold brew coffee and how to start drinking for beginners

During the coffee trend is becoming very popular. And more importantly, Specialty coffee shops are turning their attention to Cold Brew coffee. Which the drinkers may still wonder what the truth is Cold Brew .
Today we will take it to recognize and differentiate the coffee Cold Brew of ordinary coffee. however. With a guide for beginners to drink coffee, what to start from before going to open this Specialty Coffee book together.

What is cold brew coffee ?

Cold brew coffee  is coffee that is extracted through immersion with low temperature water. Which doesn’t always have to be cold water Use room temperature water. Coarsely ground coffee is soaked in water and left for 8 – 24 hours or more. Soak for up to 48 hours, depending on the grind level and the timing can be adjusted according to the desired flavor. Then put the coffee jar in the refrigerator to maintain the temperature.

Coffee suitable for cold brews is recommended for light roast or medium roast. Avoid dark roast and Robusta. Because it may get very unpleasant results.

Cold Brew Coffee and Cold Drip Coffee are brewed with low temperature water. Or room temperature water is the same, but these two are different extraction methods, Cold Brew extracted by soaking the Cold Drip extract by dripping water, drop by drop.

Insight into what is cold brew coffee!

Drip the Cold  to extract the coffee maker through a cold brew. It looks like adding cold water first. Put the ground coffee into the barrel. Then adjust the valve to let the cold water slowly drip down.The brewing of Cold Drip takes a long time. As you have to let the coffee drip down slowly.It can take up to 12 – 14 hours to get a cup of Cold Drip coffee.

How is it different from regular coffee ?

How to extract coffee through cold water Take longer Due to the use of low temperature water, it can even loosen the water-soluble compounds. But not able to dissolve all the existing compounds. Even if soaked for more than 24 hours, most of the soluble compounds are the main ones. The residue. It does not affect the taste in any way. The slow oxidation and decomposition mean less sour and bitterness. It has a specific taste, less sour, not bitter, has a pleasant aroma, but is not as stinking as the hot extraction.