Keep an eye on 5 health trends in 2021

Keep an eye on 5 health trends in 2021. The past year has marked a tremendous change. Which affects all dimensions of life Until the birth of a new lifestyle that we have never dealt with before Especially with the health industry After the awakening of PM2.5 dust and virus that has made people turn to pay more attention to their hygiene. In addition to taking care of your physical health and good health. 

The 2021 health trend is therefore not just a new form of exercise. Healthy food that is hot. Diet formula of the era Or the arrival of cutting-edge gadgets But how to live a life to be safe from germs And to heal myself to recover from my anxiety during the past 

5 health trends in 2021. 

Home Wellness

From the behavior of people that have changed When more people turn to living at home And not confident in going out for activities This is especially true for sweat-wasting activities in enclosed spaces like the gym. Or even a crowded outdoor park. Exercising at home is the safest option, and Home Wellness has become the big health trend of 2021, where many people are starting to modify their homes and invest in products. To make the home the safest and most germ-free place 

This year is the year that we will have the opportunity to see tools. More modern To enhance the level of exercise in the home to compare with the fitness class Including monthly membership services that sell content such as live streaming, fitness classes. Exclusive exercise videos, etc., along with the machine sales So that people who love health do not have to exercise outside the home But still feel connected with others Just as the Petolon or Mirror brands have accomplished in the past year.

Just like a one-on-one Virtual Training trend with a Virtual Class Trainer that simulates a home workout class. Or even exercise clips on YouTube that are still popular. Because it is acceptable as opposed to the risk of going out. Or in some countries that are in the lockdown period   

In addition, the future home is not just about beauty or modernity. But the concept of the home of the future also includes building a house that allows its inhabitants to live longer. And provide a health-friendly environment for residents With the use of new hygiene innovations such as clothing disinfectants To take into account the hygiene of the residents

Strong alone is not enough Mental health must also be good. 

Besides physical health Mind health is another trend that has been strong since last year. After people are in a state of stress, depression and fear from COVID-19. More and more people began to take care of their minds. By doing soothing activities such as meditation through mobile apps like Calmand or Headspace, using the meditation function in smart watches that are now available on almost all brands. At the same time, many people are starting to find time to meditate on a daily basis before bed or morning. After several studies have confirmed that meditation is good for physical and mental health. Especially when we are faced with a crisis. 

Get out and live outdoors

Indeed, this trend has entered our home since last year. But it will become even more pronounced this year. 2021 will be the year when people focus on nature or outdoor life. After the last time spent most of the time in the house. Didn’t travel Didn’t go out Until the current of COVID Gardens, where people plant trees throughout the houses throughout the city Before the interest in trees grows into outdoor activities. such as camping, hiking, climbing or surfing, etc., in addition to being a form of exercise. Being in the midst of nature has many benefits such as relaxing us Help calm the mind And cut off from the hustle and bustle of the outside.

Immune system Necessary than you think

When contagious disease spreads We therefore realize the importance of the immune system. Because this is the first line of defense when a foreign body such as a disease enters the body. 2021 is the year that herbal food Or super food That helps to strengthen the body’s immune system is getting high attention. As well as detecting abnormalities of DNA in the genes of the individual. Using technology to hack the human body (biohacking) immunity-enhancing treatments (Immunity-Enhancing Treatments) and Energy Healing, etc. These may have been distant in the past. But nowadays people will pay more attention. If it gives us a healthy immune system  

Virtual Care service is in 5 health trends in 2021

Do not be surprised if in the future people will go to the hospital less. After the doctor can screen the patient before arriving the hospital. Or online risk assessment In which patients do not have to come to the hospital by themselves through ufabet Virtual Care or online care services.

The facilities are both comprehensive internet. And tracking devices such as wristbands for health Smart watches or even 3D Body Scans for home use. Who came to play a role in working with doctors In addition to keeping up with the movement, eating and sleeping. It is likely that these devices will have features that are more responsive to new trends. By detecting the specific information of the wearer That can forward this information for doctors to use in evaluating patients 

Including the use of video calls to listen to blood test results or to follow chronic patients who need to take continuous drugs such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., without the need to travel to the hospital for a time. And at risk of infection.

It can be seen that the health trends to watch this year are the effects of the virus outbreak. That makes people live more cautiously More fear of germs. At the same time, people are looking for activities that help heal the mind and fulfill what was missing in past times. Which no matter what the future trend will be. What I want to do next is to wear a mask, spaced out, and wash your hands because these 3 things should be with me for a long time.