Know your pain relief injury from exercise

The most common problems with injury from exercise. Because it does not warm the body Or not stretching To exercise that is not suitable for your own physical condition, such as boxing or running long distances. Because some bodies are not ready. But must use the body to strike hard This can result in knee, ankle or muscle injuries.


3 causes of injury from exercise

Pain in different parts of the body after exercising Most of them are from 3 main causes: poor blood flow. Problematic lymph circulation or there is a muscle or tendon injury in that area

How to prevent pain from exercise

Do not do exercises that are inappropriate for your body.

Because it will cause injury For example, boxing is suitable for younger people, but if you are 30 and older but still fit you can perform this type of exercise. But for people whose body is not firm Choosing to punch boxing or punch boxing will give us tremendous impact. Resulting in the body being bruised Then the symptoms of bruises will follow And will be heavier if The injury occurs to the knee from bruised cartilage. Or torn herniated disc In some cases, a bad stroke may occur. And will make it difficult to recover

But if ever seen that an elderly person can boxing That is because he has to practice round. After mastering the posture until the masters had mastered, he gradually began to punch lightly and put in a slight impact until the body became familiar. The muscles are ready to take the impact so they can exert more force. This is in contrast to most cases that we find commonly. Is to get caught in a serious blow Shocks can injure us. Or worse, is Wrong posture The greater the risk of injury Both the muscle and the heart And one more common problem The injury is Being told not to stop doing this will heal by itself. For a young age it may be healed because the body is revitalized. But if you enter the age, uncle and aunt must be very careful. May even stop exercising for years

Use the correct weight, technique, and speed.

The issue of improper use of the body in physical activity such as not warming up, stretching, and cooldown There is also a story about the posture of exercise. And the use of strength in exercise Some people go to the gym Lifting heavy weights without knowing how much we can do it. The right way is to gradually gain weight and get correct posture. Including lifting techniques And speed must be reasonable For each person To get the best performance with the least injury.

You should start with the lowest weight you can lift 20 times with ease and get used to your body. Then add weight to another case, if we have been able to lift, for example, 50 kg, but stopped playing for a long time When it came back to 50 kg immediately Certain injuries are guaranteed, so gradually start from a little weight. Before it is best for your body Don’t overdo it

Pain What kind of exercise should you not worry about?

After exercise May really feel muscle pain, this is normal. If there is little pain So try to observe yourself that If there is a little pain in the morning of the next day But not in time to skip the day Pain decreased It shows that the body is stimulating the muscles to work better. Can continue to do at that level And on the contrary, if the pain lasts for another 3-4 days, pain and fatigue that cannot be moved, the muscles are working too hard. To look back that We have warmed up Or stretching or not To the correct posture or not use the correct distance or not. And have you done a cooldown yet?

Then, remember the use of weight. And our speed Do not use that speed or weight. Don’t try to compare with your friends Because each person’s physical condition is not the same I got hurt and started again. Starting at the speed, the weight of only half of the last time we were hurt. If doing well, gradually increasing by 10 percent, will not repeat injury. But in case of severe symptoms Recommend to consult a doctor To get the right treatment.

The importance of warm-up and cooldown

Exercise If the body has been warmed up first. It will help increase the heart rate (heart rate), which, of course, is a warning signal to the muscular system to relax the muscles. Increase the circulation of the blood system It also improves the flexibility of tendons and joints.

The cooldown. It prepares the body to return to its normal state. Because after exercising various systems The body is still high. Whether it is a fast heartbeat. High body temperature When we cool down Thus reducing muscle fatigue after exercise.

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