Olive oil and its beauty benefits.

          Olive Oil is a natural oil extracted from the olive fruit. It is classified as a vegetable oil that contains good fatty acids. And there are various types of vitamins that are beneficial to health , so people are now more popular to consume. So for the comfortable consumption . Let’s get to know each other clearly that has good properties. How should each type be eaten and used?

In the beauty industry, Has been used for nourishing and UFABET beauty care for a long time. for example

  • Use to add moisture to the skin. Maintain healthy skin
  • Use to make a scrub. by mixing with honey brown sugar Helps skin look radiant
  • Soak your hands or feet. to help nourish hands and nails
  • Mix olive oil and honey and egg yolks and apply a mask to your face. to make your face look soft and supple
  • Apply to the eyebrows and gently massage for 5-10 days every day to help solve the problem of thin eyebrows. Because olive oil contains vitamins that help nourish the eyebrows to be strong and black. More intense color
  • Use to marinate hair to add shine and solve frizzy hair problems.
  • Use to remove makeup that is stuck on the face.
  • Keep your lips soft and moist. 

          Olive oil is also used in cosmetics, skin care products, medicines and soaps, and as a fuel for traditional oil lamps.