Radish has many properties.

Benefits of radish How good are the properties? Seen as a vegetable to help lose weight. plus add properties to treat blemishes, freckles. How true is it?

          What are the health benefits of radishes? Read on.

1. Detoxify toxins

          in Chinese medicine formula said Radishes have the property of distributing the accumulation of things in the body. with fiber that helps cleanse the walls of the stomach and intestines. It is a vegetable that helps in the digestive process and the excretory system UFABET

2. Contributes to weight loss.

          Radish is a low calorie vegetable. Plus there’s a lot of fiber. When eating radish, it makes you full quickly. As for fiber, it also helps in the process of excretion. Help detox the stomach and intestine walls. As a result, the body absorbs nutrients better.

3. Treatment of blemishes.

            According to a study published on the website of the Herb Information Office. Faculty of Pharmacy Mahidol University reveals that radish has properties to fade blemishes. with a study of pharmaceutical activity indicating that Fresh radish juice contains methanol extract and ethyl acetate extract. which inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase An enzyme that produces melanin and is one of the causes of blemishes. By using freshly squeezed juice to apply on the face,

            However, there have been reports of allergic reactions from people who use freshly squeezed radish juice as well. Therefore, it is best to test for allergies first by dabbing the skin on the jaw or under the arm. To observe allergies such as rashes, swelling, redness, burning, itching, etc.