Reading faster for good memory.

About reading ,have you ever heard the sentence “The more you read the more books. This shows whether time management is good or not. Personally.
We will get something new. Always caught from reading Makes it a goal to yourself that I have to read this book today. In addition, reading is more focused. And stimulates the neurotransmitters that increase memory efficiency Our brains will remember the content they read better than ever before. It is considered to be the best brain development one anyway.

Let’s go see what are the advantages of faster reading? And go to see the techniques for improving yourself to read faster books that we have gathered together Let’s go see together what is it!

Practice a little daily 

Reading faster starts with little practice each day. Many of the skills you need to improve your reading speed are practiced every day. Until you can do it normally Practicing just 15-20 minutes a day is enough to show that you are reading faster. This practice takes time because you have to start learning new ways to read. So be patient and keep practicing until you start to see results. Timing when you read a book Take a timer and see how many words you can read in a minute. The more you practice, the more you’ll see.

 Read longer to improve concentration 

Did you know that your brain needs time to adjust to the rhythm of reading? Especially when you have just finished doing something that requires more enthusiasm. Encourage yourself to read at least 15 minutes at a time to make sure the brain has time to adjust its focus. The more you practice, the better you will improve. If necessary, you can take a rest. It’s okay. Another thing I want to tell you is that the human brain likes to remember things in blocks. Same-line reading This makes the brain remember the content of the book better than reading books that are not the same at the same time.

 Start reading practicing from something that is easy to read first 

It’s easy to find things that interest you and have fun and read them when you start practicing reading. And try to read something more difficult once you start reading faster. Try starting to read travel books or celebrity diaries first. This may be a good choice.

 If you start from something difficult like Physics teaching textbook You may be discouraged before you see results. When you begin to learn fast skills. As soon as you start reading longer, more complex books, you may be able to apply the methods that you are good at when read and find important parts of the book.

Avoid reading repeating the same

Rereading is reading a sentence or part of the same sentence twice or three times, whether intended or not. Of course, rereading like this will cost you more time to read. It rarely helps you understand the book any more. Some people read it repeatedly because they cannot remember where they have read. So you have to go back and find the sentence you had read from the beginning of the paragraph.


 Shouldn’t verbatim 

Reading like this is another factor that can significantly slow you down. Ideally, you should try to read a word or sentence. But our brains have one amazing ability: they can fill in meaningful sentences. Without knowing every word in a sentence, so if you train your brain to process sentences into key words, then let your brain fill in the rest. This will allow you to understand the sentence as before. The number of words you have to read is 50% less, which significantly speeds up your reading.

 Avoid distractions while reading books 

Many people are slow to read books simply because they try to read in places that are not suitable for reading. If you want to be able to quickly read and understand what you are reading You have to get rid of both internal and external distractions. Do not try to read in a loud place. Whether it is the voice of people talking to each other TV or radio sound You will not concentrate on reading. 
This requires you to go back and reread or use the read-aloud method to help you understand what you read. You should read in a quiet place, as it will make it easier for you to focus on reading. Don’t try to do multiple things at the same time. You should also try to eliminate any internal distractions, such as: Thinking about a problem at work or what you will eat for dinner. Getting rid of these distractions is a difficult task. You have to focus and focus on what you read. But if you can You will be able to read books much faster.

 Skip reading where you already know 

If you are increasing your speed. You should practice across information that you already know or understand. Because reading parts that you already understand are not very necessary. You can choose what parts you should read by looking for a keyword or focus the first and last sentences of every paragraph. 
This will give you an idea of ​​what the material you are going to read about it. This method will also work for things you are not interested in. You too can skip reading the sections that you are not interested in. It will also save you time and will also help you keep wanting to keep reading.

Reading the first and last sentence of every paragraph 

If you read the article Books or research papers to find information This method is appropriate to apply. Especially when you read what you already know. Many educational or nonfiction writings have repeated words and basic words or concepts are explained in detail. 
If can understand that concept then you don’t have to read every line. This will also work for newspaper or magazine articles. If you want to look at the text at a glance, you can choose to read only the first and last sentences of the paragraph. Which will make you know enough content.

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