Reasons why cucumbers should not be stored in the refrigerator.

Cucumbers are vegetables that are high in moisture. When stored in the refrigerator Cucumbers absorb moisture from the air in the refrigerator. This causes to spoil faster. Additionally, the temperature in the refrigerator can cause to lose their flavor and nutritional value food.

How to keep cucumbers fresh longer?

To keep cucumbers fresh longer should be stored at a cool, dark room temperature. You should wash thoroughly before storing. Then wipe dry Then put the cucumbers in a sealed container or wrap them in paper towel. will keep for about 1 week UFABET

Tips for storing.

In addition to the above methods You can also keep fresh longer using these tips.

  • Keep near fruit such as apples or bananas. These fruits release ethylene. which is a volatile substance that helps delay the ripening.
  • Keep away from foods with strong odors. Foods with strong odors, such as onions, garlic, etc., can cause the cucumber to absorb the aroma and flavor.
  • Keep away from heat sources. A heat source such as an oven or microwave. It may cause to spoil faster.

In summary, storing in the refrigerator can cause them to spoil faster and lose their flavor. Therefore, should be stored at a cool, dark room temperature. To keep fresh longer and maintain their flavor and nutritional value.