SEO Beginners what do you need to know?

Adjust the structure of the website to be more friendly to the readers.

SEO Beginners what do you need to know? If it is a new website, it is important to efficiently place the Site Map. There is a connection between the website pages. And tag management, which, if we put the structure well from the beginning Chances are that customers will stay on our website for longer. And our website will be categorized in the category of quality websites faster.

The existing website. What can be done is Access to managing tags and keywords in topics And in various articles.

Another important aspect of SEO is to make your website user friendly. Whether using the computer or mobile phone And must be fast in loading website pages Because the longer it is loaded The greater the likelihood that the customer will get bored and close the window.

Keyword management is planned. 

Keywords are one of the key SEO factors that should be researched and chosen with monthly searches. And should be relevant to our business We have to choose a keyword and put it exactly in the article or on our website. And natural Not so much that the reader felt it intentionally. 

Provide outreach and backlink 

In addition to adding keywords to articles that are on our own website. Another thing that is indispensable is Writing articles for other websites Then insert a link to make a backlink. Outreach will help increase our website score. And get a better ranking as well 

Evaluate, improve and modify

After doing SEO for a while, we will have to go back and evaluate various keywords. That we put into the content And check the ranking of the specified keywords if our SEO does not work satisfactorily. We may need to adjust our keywords to be more specific or narrow in order to bring a group of customers to our website.

Use social media to distribute content.

The more it was mentioned the more The more being shared, the better the ranking of our website will be.For this reason, we should share the content on our website through our social media. To increase the efficiency of SEO.

All of the above are general SEO principles, each of which has subtleties that need to be performed. Which requires further study, knowledge and experience in SEO.