Adidas will be producing the Stan Smith lineup using all recycled materials next year.

Adidas is preparing to upgrade Stan Smith’s.

The best-selling footwear to sustainable recycled sneakers from 2021. To achieve the brand’s goal of producing all clothing and shoes with 100% recycled materials within the year 2024.

This is an eco-friendly addition to Adidas, piloting the Stan Smith 2021 model. The plan starts with a premium Japanese PU-coated recycled polyester material that feels like real leather. Instead of newly made polyester as well as the rubber sole material, recycled rubber is used. All the way to the laces, they are also made from recycled fibers.

And on December 14 the past. It is the 74th birthday of Stan Smith, a famous former American tennis player. The originator of the iconic shoe, Adidas sent a birthday ufabet cake and gift. This shoe using Primegreen technology that was released earlier this year. 

One of the brand policies to reduce the use of renewable plastics is to end the plastic waste problem. 

“This is an example when style meets sustainability. And for my birthday blessing I ask that we can stop the plastic waste problem, ”Smith said in a post on Instagram.This is not the first Stan Smith shoe that adopted sustainability. 

The brand previously teamed up with avid sustainable high-end fashion brand Stella McCartney to produce a special edition shoe in 2018. They will sell it for around £ 13,000 a pair. Making it the first vegan pair of Stan Smith leather shoes. That does not use genuine leather in production. Also plus, using recycled materials to design these shoes as well.