The benefits of pushups

The benefits of pushups are essentially lifting your body weight using your hands and arms. But actually pushing your full body off the ground requires strength from your upper body muscles. Whether it is the chest, upper back, shoulders, sent to the arms and wrists. It also uses the muscles of the trunk, lower back and legs to help support the body to move according to the up and down of the body.

Therefore, these muscles will develop and become stronger when performed on a regular basis. Especially the upper body muscles that carry the most weight. not only this In addition to strength Push-ups may also help the muscles in those areas look tighter.

Although exercises such as push-ups are primarily focused on developing and strengthening the muscles. But it still helps to draw energy to use a little. If combined with cardio activities.  Such as brisk walking, running, or cycling It may help burn fat and excess energy. When done in a row, it may help you lose weight and make your body look firmer.

Additionally, a number of studies have found that exercise that focuses on muscle development may reduce the risk of heart disease. Which pushing the floor is considered to develop muscles as well. Therefore, it may help reduce the risk of heart disease. However , participants may already have a habit of physical activity.