What is Burnout Syndrome?

Burnout Syndrome has register as a new disease. By the World Health Organization (WHO) as a result of chronic stress in the workplace. Which should be supervised by a medical professional before it becomes severe and life-threatening. This condition is caused by mental changes that result from stress. 

Until sometimes feeling emotionally exhausted, bored, unable to do anything feeling a loss of mental energy. Look at the work that is being done in a negative way, lack of happiness fun in the work, Out of motivation, lower performance. Some people may feel distant from their colleagues. Causing a feeling of exhaustion in work and daily life.

Burnout Syndrome symptoms are classified as mild as depression. But if left and in the environment and the same emotional state may affect work. Such as performance deteriorates may be thinking of resigning in the end or over a long period of time. It may cause depression as well.

The power outage at work also affects the body as well. Such as insomnia, anxiety every time you have to work. Feeling tired, weak, may have a headache nausea and vomiting including body aches and reduced work efficiency.

In some cases. There may be mood swings. Feeling hopeless failed to work. He was so nauseous that he show up in an argument at work. If they are more. They may close themselves from colleagues, talk less, lack concentration and creativity.