What is Duck Syndrome?

Duck Syndrome is a term that uses the same definition as mentioned above in the world of social media. We always see everyone happy. Have a good life. But in reality, behind the scenes of life everyone is trying hard to keep yourself alive. Fighting all the way but not showing that you are in trouble full of fighting.

The term is not officially recognized as a mental illness or condition. It is a term that Stanford University uses to describe what a student is UFABET

Symptoms of Duck Syndrome.

It’s similar to general stress symptoms. Such as feeling stressed out, having trouble sleeping, anxiety, having trouble concentrating, and having a poor appetite. low self-esteem Feel everything out of control

By trying to maintain an image that I have a good life, causing stress. Comparison with others Many times. It causes efforts that have a negative effect on yourself. For example, having to read until morning until your body breaks down. And most of them tend to follow each other.

If anyone feels that they are in Duck Syndrome, the way to cope is to try to see the value in yourself, love yourself, gradually manage and follow the goals we set. do not compare yourself to anyone If you feel that it affects your physical or mental health It is advisable to consult a specialist.