Benefits of black beans.

Benefits of black beans We would like to show the nutritional value of black beans in the amount of 100 grams. Referring to the information from the Nutrition Division, Department of Health, as follows. 1. Balancing the gastrointestinal tract and blood sugar           From seeing that are a

What is flaxseeds?

          Flaxseeds or seed from the Linseed, scientifically known as Linum usitatissimum is a plant seed that has been used since ancient times with the discovery. That the seeds of this species. It has existed since the time of Babylon, 3,000 BC. And in the 8th century, it

4 strategies to help cope with indecision.

So we would like to introduce a simple strategy. That will help us cope with indecision and should make it easier to make decisions in your life. 1. Clearly state the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We may have many options to decide. Try to write

Guess your habits from your favorite cup of coffee.

Cappuccino, Espresso, Arabica, Robusta. Did you know that Favorite coffee that we drink each day can indicate your personal habits lifestyle. Let’s give it a try. What can your favorite cup of coffee say about you? Cappuccino. If you like cappuccino coffee It means that you are a warm, romantic

4 secrets to eating and not getting fat.

Today I will take you to read 4 tips to eat and not get fat. How to choose to eat to get complete nutrition and be full body for a long time. Don’t overdo it until you’re hungry. 1. Focus on High Fiber Foods Every meal you

What is Duck Syndrome?

Duck Syndrome is a term that uses the same definition as mentioned above in the world of social media. We always see everyone happy. Have a good life. But in reality, behind the scenes of life everyone is trying hard to keep yourself alive. Fighting all the way but not

What are probiotics?

  Probiotics can be pronounced as probiotics because. English is spelled probiotic are added to the S letter. Because there are many species. Probiotic are good living microorganisms. There are both types of good bacteria, good yeast type and good fungal species. Each species will have different benefits for health. What

The danger of “raw eggs” is a risk of infection.

Eggs are an inexpensive and healthy source of protein. but must eat only cooked eggs. because eating raw eggs. Either the yolk or the white. May cause more harm to the body than benefit. The dangers of eating raw eggs Dr. Suthimon Thamtecho, MD, Department of Internal Medicine Chulalongkorn Hospital,

Check for signs of low immune, Which symptom is it?

          Our bodies are in good health. Or have a weakened immune system observed from these symptoms.Check for signs of low immunity.                1. often tired, easily tired                2. Allergy to the air, stuffy nose, cough, sneeze, etc.                3. Frequent colds                4. Have skin

Olive oil and its beauty benefits.

          Olive Oil is a natural oil extracted from the olive fruit. It is classified as a vegetable oil that contains good fatty acids. And there are various types of vitamins that are beneficial to health , so people are now more popular to consume. So for the comfortable consumption . Let’s