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4 strategies to help cope with indecision.

So we would like to introduce a simple strategy. That will help us cope with indecision and should make it easier to make decisions in your life. 1. Clearly state the advantages and disadvantages of each option. We may have many options to decide. Try to write

Guess your habits from your favorite cup of coffee.

Cappuccino, Espresso, Arabica, Robusta. Did you know that Favorite coffee that we drink each day can indicate your personal habits lifestyle. Let’s give it a try. What can your favorite cup of coffee say about you? Cappuccino. If you like cappuccino coffee It means that you are a warm, romantic

What is Duck Syndrome?

Duck Syndrome is a term that uses the same definition as mentioned above in the world of social media. We always see everyone happy. Have a good life. But in reality, behind the scenes of life everyone is trying hard to keep yourself alive. Fighting all the way but not

Olive oil and its beauty benefits.

          Olive Oil is a natural oil extracted from the olive fruit. It is classified as a vegetable oil that contains good fatty acids. And there are various types of vitamins that are beneficial to health , so people are now more popular to consume. So for the comfortable consumption . Let’s

What is Burnout Syndrome?

Burnout Syndrome has register as a new disease. By the World Health Organization (WHO) as a result of chronic stress in the workplace. Which should be supervised by a medical professional before it becomes severe and life-threatening. This condition is caused by mental changes that result from stress. 

Think like a rich man.

Think like a rich man from ordinary people can be rich too! Everyone wants to have money to spend. And have a good quality of life. The key factor that will help us reach this goal is not money but thoughts. If we adjust our attitude Think like a

Reasons You Should Eat More Garlic.

Many people like garlic. Because it not only adds deliciousness to almost every meal. But it’s also good for your health! But it is surprising that may be a slang for many people because of its rather strong and pungent smell.  1. Healthy teeth Research has shown that

5 thoughts poisons hinder success

5 thoughts poisons hinder success

5 thoughts poisons hinder success sometimes to be successful It may not be the only obstacles about the person, situation, and surrounding conditions involved. But something so close, such as the “thought” in our brain, may be so close that you forget and overlook its importance. Make life

How to be far from obesity?

How to be far from obesity

How to be far from obesity? Most of the working age group for at least 40 hours per week. Which some may be more than that make life in a fast food or eat unhealthy. Due to the need for convenience and speed to be able to return