Dancing and music Colors of the new era

Dancing and music Colors of the new era

In the past We are faced with depressing news or events that create a lot of pain inside us. Although the story cannot be changed, But we can take care of our mental health to be strong. Today we would like to recommend one activity to relax both the body and mind, that is dancing.

Dancing is considered a type of body movement science. By moving your body to the rhythm and melody of the song. Nowadays, there are many different dance styles that we can choose to suit our age and preferences. Examples of very popular formats include:

  • Hip Hop (Hip-Hop)

Dance that emphasizes fast and hard rhythms By relying on rocking, jumping, and stomping the feet, emphasis must be placed on clear and strong postures. To match the rhythm of the song

  • Ballroom Dance

Dance that focuses on beauty and flow. Popular at social events And there are many rhythms such as Waltz, Tango, Quick Step, etc.

  • Zumba (Zumba Dance)

Latin American dance style that is very popular right now. Because there is exciting music The pace is alternating between slow and fast. The dance moves are diverse, not monotonous, and do not require any prior experience.

Dancing besides being fun and aesthetic. There are also many health benefits as follows

Helps with the functioning of the heart and blood vessels.

Dancing can be considered an aerobic exercise. which has been studied Dancing at a moderate intensity reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. and reduce death from such diseases

Strengthen good personality and physical strength

Dancing requires a balanced body arrangement. Helps develop personality and strengthen the core muscles. It also promotes flexibility in the body. It is beneficial in the elderly. Reduce the chance of falling or getting injure.

Promotes bone health

Dancing is consider exercise that supports your own weight. (Weight-bearing aerobic exercise) which has found able to preserve and build bone mass. Including reducing the risk.

Helps with mental health and stress

Studies have found that Dancing can สมัคร ufabet eliminate anxiety, depression, and increase self-worth. (Self-Esteem) reduces stress. This can from the level of the hormone cortisol (Cortisol). After waking up. Which is an important indicator of stress levels. It also helps relieve loneliness. And it can also increase relationships between people in a society that loves health.

Helps with memory

Recreational activities like dancing Can reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Dancing is considere exercise that brings amazing benefits. Therefore, on Global Wellness Day or June 10th with the theme Dance Magenta, invites everyone to join in the fun of dancing with us. There is no need to know. How to dance professionally. I just want you to enjoy the music. And that special moment is enough.